NaPoWriMo, the End of April

Written By: literary - May• 02•15

And so the ‘cruellest month’ has come to a close. Luckily it is only thirty days. Writing a poem every day was a struggle, and I did not succeed. The thought, however, of needing to write a poem each day made my days more inspiring, as I looked for things poetic.

To those who succeeded, congratulations! You have written thirty poems, nearly a whole collection of poetry – at least a pamphlet!

To those who tried, congratulations! You have written a number of poems, which is more than before April started! You tried, you said yes, and that kind of mindset is what makes the world the beautiful place that it is.

This month was indeed as Eliot predicted. My life was upheaved and jolted – as I fought to remain in control. Time has passed, the days have ticked by, and I do feel more in control.

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ is really a statement to live by. There are many variations of that quote….

And, here is my own contribution!

Sammy Says 1

What’s your version of ‘When life gives you lemons…’?

April 28: Quiet Love Lost

Written By: literary - Apr• 29•15

The things I never said

Haunt my head

I am hurt wishing

I had just said;

rather feeling silently,

loving too quietly.

5 Ways to Celebrate William Shakespeare’s Birthday

Written By: literary - Apr• 23•15

William Shakespeare is turning 451 this year on April 23rd! He also died on his birthday, the worst birthday present ever. As basically the greatest playwright in the English language to walk the planet earth, it feels only right to celebrate his birthday still. Here’s five ways to thank the guy that once said, ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

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  1. Read one of his plays

The most obvious of ways to celebrate William Shakespeare – sit down and read one of his plays. As Shakespeare is out of copyright – he’s definitely been dead for more than forty years – you can find all of his plays online for free! Even while he was alive, there was no such thing as copyrighting, thus Shakespeare’s plays were stolen, and he as well stole from other writers.With comedies, histories, and tragedies to choose from, there is a Shakespeare play to match every emotion. If you’re feeling dramatic, try Romeo and Juliet, vengeful – MacBeth- or whiney, Hamlet. Invite your friends over, have a reading!


  1. Make Shakespeare themed cards and send them to your friends

Shakespeare, while being a fantastic dramatist, also has some great quotes. Love, Life, Men and more, he has witty words for every occasion. Buy blank stationary at the store, get out your coloring tools, and get creative. Need an example to get your juices going?

On front of card:

‘No legacy is so rich as honesty.’ – William Shakespeare


So, honestly your legs are a legacy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Watch Shakespeare in Love (John Madden, 1998)

Instead of watching one of Shakespeare’s plays adapted into films, why not watch a film where Shakespeare is the protagonist. This beautiful film, which won seven Oscars, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes, is an emotional, romantic and funny historical-drama. Shakespeare in Love has also been turned into a play, sadly it just closed April 18th in the West End. Hopefully, it will be on tour soon. Although, if you want to watch one of his adapted films – go for it! It’s still celebrating Shakespeare!

  1. Mix a Shakespeare inspired Cocktail

Shakespeare loved the pub, and he most likely drank, there is no forensic evidence but his plays are quite bawdy and full of drunk characters. Celebrate his birthday by mixing up a Shakespearean Cocktail. Here’s a few from the Royal Shakespeare Company:

Taming of the Shrewdriver: a shot of vodka with orange juice

Lear Kir Royale: Creme de Cassis topped up with champagne

Much a Woo Woo About Nothing: vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and lime

  1. Host a Birthday Party for Shakespeare

After all of these exciting ways to celebrate Shakespeare, why not just host a birthday party for him. Mix up a cocktail. Put on a short reading. Screen Shakespeare in Love. Put on the Bookshop Band’s ‘Happy 450th Birthday, Shakespeare’ Album with each song inspired by his plays, or some nifty lute music and dance the night away. At midnight, have someone perform a monologue on your kitchen table, and take a shot ‘To Shakespeare!’

April 13: You Saved a Man from Drowning

Written By: literary - Apr• 14•15

Boy i saw three times today,

i wanted to tell you

that you were great on Sunday – more than great

your voice was like a crusty piece of bread

after a long day. i write this as you leave

Rectors cafe with a lady.

and i saw you three times today,

and still never was brave enough to say

even hey, i’m sorry.

i only wanted to say something nice,

but i kept imagining the ice,

imagining our entire conversation

three times, i saw it play out

and yet not once did i open my mouth.

i only wanted to say something nice.

i hope your life is full of spice and

more moments to inspire songs,

and i’m sorry i never spoke out

i’ve recently been filled with doubt.

but you, shine on i awe in your

self-esteem,  and dream of that day

when i finally say, hello

and you were great on Sunday.

April 14: Self-Esteem Beat Me

Written By: literary - Apr• 14•15

And so it begins

this suddenness shame

that hits like a plane

up in flames

on my face

it’s just life as i see it

as i read it and believe it

created from


moments of my childhood

of yesterday creating now

creating how i see now

and how i can’t seem to see me

sitting on the old gum tree.

a formulation of creation

of how i see me-

this self-esteem has me beaten

is beating me, while i try to beat it

keep living life

like i’m the shit, not just shit.

April 8: The Mind Wants to Be Places

Written By: literary - Apr• 10•15

life’s like a peach.

i love the pubs

i love the unconventional life

l love surprises and nights you don’t expect

i like wondering what will happen next

when the things in your head you set foot to

are no longer that way just a life to be living and loving

and shit the poems are not coming

and i call my self a writer but all i do is put

words on a page

and tonight was tristram fane saunders birthday

as he spit on twenty two

a poet a poet at the age of twenty two

and we departed half-heartedly

as you dream of crazy brazen nights

of free verse and jazz and intimacy

but just drink until you don’t know you’re name and

don’t know what you’re saying

and all the bull shit you learn in class

you bring to the pub

but i love the truth

the intimacy of truth

the beauty of truth,

and truth, beauty.

it’s painful and brutal – the truth of feelings and relationships and thoughts

of who what and where and why mostly why

as we spin webs in our minds to rationalize our lives

because if we said the truth we would all want to die.

April 4: My Life or a Sitcom?

Written By: literary - Apr• 09•15

In history class. this morning I watched TV before leaving,

and I am worried. I am going a little bit crazy,

but it’s all good and I think I will go and dance and chitter the spatter.

April 3: I don’t want to take drugs

Written By: literary - Apr• 04•15

I don’t want to take drugs to deal with the stress

I don’t want to feed into your system,

of graduate schemes and money,

material happiness and relaxing vacations.

i don’t want to take drugs to deal with the fact

that you have made my life have no purpose

that it is so specific that it has no relevance

that it is suffocatingly insignificant – only significant

when I am at a conference or working on a team,

my world so small, my expertise so limited – as

we dissect human knowledge and human experience.

i don’t want to take drugs in order to have fun

mollie, lsd, 25i, G, drone, weed, cocaine, heroin

and many more, on and on and on

fuel to feed the emptiness of life these days

as we sit staring at screens all day

dreaming of a hookup that night

boy, girl, hand – just as long as they do what i demand.

as our world becomes ego-centric,

and we take drugs to replace the feeling of

actually loving someone. of loving something.

i am starting to feel numb, and every path i try to happiness

leads to depression. and disappointment.

what am i looking for? what am I missing?

I don’t want to take drugs to replace asking questions- and needing an answer.

Copyright Samantha Emily Evans 

April 2: I bought yakult

Written By: literary - Apr• 02•15

i sit here, aged twenty one at a prestigious university one year away from

                graduation -

and am filled with anxiety, the need to puke/punch/piss.

The thought of CVs-

we are all just walking CVs… in the eyes of connection hungry

monsters as they dream of power and post codes.

Give a shit about my soul! Stop counting my intellectual usefulness.

I am not what you say about me – and i am not what the stats say,

and I am not my grades (though I may be my parents).

Stop making me into a reflection of society

knee deep in uggs, and canada goose -

as i become as material as my surrounding.

I am not what I have, I am what I’ve seen,

I am what I wish to see and what I will never see.

I use meditation to forget where I am and

all the silly stresses.

Why do all the real problems in the world feel so far away?

And just when I think I am saved from the bite of life,

it bites, and I roll on the floor like a baby.

SHUT UP. stop talking, stop thinking, stop planning your life in two years

it is all going to be just fine. why are we all going somewhere all the time?

constant motion, concept of progress -

historicism you have suffocated us with our need to put the pieces together

to progress and see the progress, a reason for every tragedy.

I look at my friends – beautiful souls compressed for a function

and fear of not having a function, hiding behind a screen.

I am suffocating myself, and pumping my stomach -

young woman with sad eyes selling the Big Issue every morning,

I walked past you for three years mumbling ‘no thank you’,

thinking ‘next time,’ until a few days ago.

You told me, ‘god bless me,’ and I wondered -

what will you do with that 2.50,

and I wondered -

what would I have done with that 2.50?

Copyright Samantha Emily Evans 

April 1: Still Trying to Rationalize Living

Written By: literary - Apr• 01•15

I’m trying to live more in the moment

instead of thinking two steps ahead

ready for everything and living in dread,

i’m thinking of now, no further no faster

i’m breathing and believing in each purifying gasp

as i let go of the knife i’ve been plunging into my own back

i’ve been gasping, gasping -

panic attack about a moment that will never come.

twisting the knife and crying, crying

outside the President’s house on the grass

hiding behind my backpack,

as I pity and make myself feel shitty

and wail! wail! the beautiful north sea crashing

and tourists snapping photos,

while i try to rationalize life.

i am just a girl living in this modern world -

a fast paced heist as articles try to steal my attention,

published every second – and posts and photos

of all the moments i was not apart of on facebook

so every one can see how cool of a person i can or cannot be.

It’s not real and I know it. Each moment, each moment

is real – the breaths, the burps, the thinking.

no need to judge my life by likes, i am life.

Copyright Samantha Emily Evans