Our Vision

The work we do at Literary Pixie [Yes! This is work. If not, then what is??] is done with intention in the actualization of a vision. 

  •  We hope that together we will be able to transform our society from a fear-based society to a love-based society (All About Love: New Visions, Bell Hooks, 1999).
  • We hope that as a society we will make choices that help plants, animals, and people have the highest quality of life possible through a system that creates experts who are intrinsically motivated and community-oriented with a holistic approach. 
  • We hope one day to live in a society where we as a collective *invest* in our people and planet. 

*Investment means money, but money is really just a motivator for attention, effort, and energy in the direction of a chosen goal and a variable for measuring value.

Investment is a form of love (in a capitalist society).

Ways to Invest in a Love-Based Society:

Make Small Talk

Make pleasant small talk with the people you interact with every day and provide your basic needs such as baristas, waiters, and cashiers, as well as dogs, trees, and bumble bees.


Trust that people make the best choices for themselves. Assume best intentions. Give people the space, power, and resources to choose for themselves.

Educate and Learn

Create an education system that teaches people how to create a meaningful, joyful, loving, sustainable, and healthy life for themselves where they are empowered to solve their own problems and take care of the people around them.

Work and Care

Create a work system that gives people the energy and time to engage with their community, take care of themselves and their support system, and consider where their work fits into the bigger picture to have a sense of meaning and purpose in the work that they do.

Heal, Restore, Grow

Create a justice system that is restorative and healing for both victim and perpetrator, as well as an important tool for learning what our community guidelines are and why they are enforced. We use conflict to grow, build trust, and learn about ourselves and our society.

Connect and Support

Build and maintain community centers that are accessible to all where experts, resources, and basic needs are convenient, reliable, and bespoke. All resources provided are sustainable and proven to benefit people. There are no marketing teams, simply word of mouth is relied upon and summarized studies communicated in accessible and engaging language by experts that all citizens can understand. Resources are things that help us meet our wellness needs and allow us to live a quality life including: community, housing, environment, life satisfaction, civic engagement, health, education, work-life balance, safety, jobs, and income.

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