Pixie Press Journey #1: The First Blog Post

Wow! This has taken a long time to get here. To this first post as Literary Pixie Press. Taking dreams seriously!

I started Literary Pixie as a blog in 2012. I was 18 and had just attended Book Expo America as my graduation present. I know! And now, finally transforming it into a press.

I had the idea about a year ago while traveling around the UK on my teacher-summer. Love teacher summers! Then I built the website. Then it crashed. Then I got too ambitious and paid like $100 for this fancy design, and then it was too hard for me to use, and now I’m using this super 90s simple layout. We’ll see how long it lasts.

In the next blog post, or in some post in the future, the website will look all different, and I will reflect on the transformations.

Because of our declining city centers and our declining in-person communities for too many reasons, the website has become the store-front. The website has become your dating profile! It has become everything.

I thought to pay money and make this website all fancy, but it really backfired. Now that website has crashed, and so I’ve moved temporarily onto literarypixiepress.wordpress.com. Hopefully I can link them eventually if I can find a phone number for someone who works at WordPress. I can find no numbers nowhere.

Anyhow. I’m trying to dream up how to organize the content on this website since we publish zines, and blog posts, and poems, and columns, and whatever else we feel like publishing, or organizing – events, youtube video vlogging maybe? The documentary I made on “Howl”. This is a place to clobber all the things I’ve been doing for the last ten years so I can feel like I have a presence, so that people can know I’m a writer.

Since I stopped blogging in 2019 – after having a mental breakdown where I posted daily blog posts for a month during the heat of it in something I call “How to Value Your Own Thoughts” that I’ve published on this website for you to check out if you’re curious about my mental breakdown blovel – which sometimes I think was actually the muse taking over my body to write something that was meant to be written and I was the vessel, and sometimes I just exploded and the words couldn’t come out of my mouth because they were too negative and yet I needed to be heard- and alas, I blogged myself to sanity.

Sanity, where I sit now. HA! That word is utter bollocks! I am not sane, I am just functional.

Anyhow, I really haven’t felt like my total self when I stopped blogging. I felt like no one really knew me.

Then I experimented with Substack. Ugh, not really a fan but kinda? Seen some good examples of how it can be used.

Soon I became embarrassed by how sad and depressing my rants about teaching were that I created a secret blog where I would count down every single day until the end of the year. I won’t link it yet, but maybe one day?

And now we’re here. Finally! After the website collapses, as well as another trauma-week that always ends with me “needing to follow my dreams and take my writing and press seriously.”

So yea! Here starts the journey. Let’s see where it goes! Thanks for coming with me.

Ooh the next situation – how do I share my posts? It used to be so easy. That’ll be my next blog post because what is blogging anyway but the extension rambles of the mind to practice and learn and discover.

At least this blog will be. The journey. Or maybe Tuesdays? I dunno. I used to do content writing and stuff, but now that I think it’s all BULLOCKS, I’m kinda lost.

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