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  • My Secret Privilege

    by Aqsa Khalid I know of a safe space Where only I perform Where only I am the spectator Where only I have the power To stare at myself… Where… Read more

  • Oh! what a pleasure it must be!

    by Aisha Usman I daydream all day long about a few things, And sitting on a toilet is among one of them. My feet are sore and heels torn, from… Read more

  • W.C.

    by Affonso Romano De Sant’anna (from The body-object and other examples, No.10) Translated by Lloyd Schwartz You are the end of house of man of poem the ultimate remnant of… Read more


    by Saman Maham I didn’t ask too much Just clean drinking water and lunch When you were draining your waste into the river Drinking water from that river made me… Read more

  • First Lessons of Decolonization

    By Magdalena Gómez Attempts to torch were made. Firefighters fought back every time. The building, big, dense, well built like the tenants, refused to fall. We’d been through a lot… Read more

  • Roses are Red

    By Milana Roses are red Violets are blue I have to go Because I just had a Starbucks Cold Brew This piece is from The Feminist Toilet #2. To return to… Read more

  • For You, I’d Pick Up Your Poo

    By Sammy Ginsberg In the alley by the Rite Aid on Sherman Way in an act of love with a gloved hand I collected human poop into trash bags. It… Read more

  • Lost It

    By Traci O’Dea Il suffit que je sois bien Malheureuse pour avoir Droit a votre bien-vaillance -from J.L. David. Marat Assassiné. 1793. His left hand hangs, not unlike Marat’s right… Read more

  • Potty Talk

    By Ben Moritz The rumble and grumble that rock my world, The quake that I’ve experienced many of times. Here come the stomp and the flood, Oh, how the floodgates… Read more

  • Ode de Toilet

    By Jen Cheng I can’t live without you I need you morning and night you know, the kind of purification and meditation that starts my day just right when I… Read more

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