For You, I’d Pick Up Your Poo

By Sammy Ginsberg

In the alley
by the Rite Aid 
on Sherman Way
in an act of love
with a gloved hand
I collected human poop
into trash bags.

It was hard like an overcooked brownie
thank you LA sunshine
and I was not alone
others who cared
make neighborhood beautiful

wondering who
in desperation
took a shit here
left their Taco Bell, too
 thinking it's not for them,
it's for us -a public health crisis
in our 'first world country'
where we make Snap Crap
instead of address 
poverty & homelessness.
Oh it is overdue, it is overdue.
I would pick up human poo
this love for you
my home, our home
we would pick up for you,
and do.

This piece is from The Feminist Toilet #2. To return to the table of contents, click here.

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