The Feminist Toilet #2

Published on World Toilet Day, 2021

Edited By Sammy Ginsberg & Brian Sonia-Wallace

Dear Toilet-appreciator,

For some the toilet is an embarrassing necessity, something one does but never talks about. It just happens in the room it happens in – safe, sanitary, solitude. But we know that this is not true for everyone. More than that, we recognize that without this ingenious contraption our lives would be at risk. Each sip of water, each middle-of-the-night bowel movement, each playful swim in the river would be frightening.

While all editions of The Feminist Toilet are about valuing the toilet for what it is – a protector and guardian – this issue is goes deeper. Thanks to our partnership with International Medical Corps and WeHo Poet Laureate Brian Sonia-Wallace, this edition shares the voices of poets and artists living in Pakistan alongside poems by poet laureates and high schoolers! 

We at The Feminist Toilet want to do more than organize fun poetry parties for World Toilet Day, we want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We have become official members of the World Toilet Organization and are partnering with organizations doing vital, life-changing work all over the world. 

From toilets as morning rituals and break rooms for introverts to spaces for sanctuary and daydreams as one poops on “jagged rocks,” this issue of The Feminist Toilet will transform your love for your toilet from meh to my-goodness!

Happy World Toilet Day 2021!

Sammy Ginsberg

Editor of The Feminist Toilet

Contents of our Toilet Bowl


Poem Regarding World Toilet Day By Mohammad Zahir Saadat

Bullshit Lines collated by Dwell Time

Untitled by Asha

I dream of a world by Zainab

Ode de Toilet by Jen Cheng

Potty Talk by Ben Moritz

Lost It by Traci O’Dea

For You, I’d Pick Up Your Poo by Sammy Ginsberg

Roses are Red by Milana

First Lessons of Decolonization by Magdalena Gómez


W.C. (original in Portguese) by Affonso Romano De Sant’anna and translated by Lloyd Schwartz

Oh! what a pleasure it must be! by Aisha Usman

My Secret Privilege by Aqsa Khalid


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