My Bathrooms

By Anita McLaughlin

the first was in a small stucco ranch
built for GIs and their families
my only memory 
my mom’s diaphragm
hung from a hook behind the door
when we lived in Alaska
aluminum foil kept the midnight sun
from the bathroom in summer
winter, ice coated the window 
blackout curtains and the smell
of Dad’s photo chemicals
a note on the door 
stay out
the house in Torrance had two
a small one with a shower for Dad
the one with the tub for us
every day a bathroom adventure
two high school girls 
four cans of hairspray
one little brother
my favorite public restrooms
the clean simple ones at the Getty
the shabby ladies’ room 
at the Los Angeles Central library
someone taking a bath in the sink
the men’s room in the Felix bar
at the top of the Peninsula Hotel 
I and two friends snuck in
enjoyed the spectacular view 
of Hong Kong at night

This piece is from The Feminist Toilet #1. To go back and read more, click here.

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