The Feminist Toilet #1

the shit you’ve been waiting for

an anthology of toilet///lit

Edited by Sammy Ginsberg & Brian Sonia-Wallace

“How vulnerable can you be half naked on the toilet with your pants around your ankles and just a little bit of shit hanging from your asshole. Pretty fucking vulnerable, I will tell you that.”

On the Toilet, My Thoughts, Sammy Ginsberg, September 2012

Dear Reader, 

Toilets are the ultimate feminists. Tell me one person you know that doesn’t shit. Exactly. Everyone has experiences with toilets. They are liminal spaces where society meets humanity – where we let our animal side out. I mean it’s a bit weird what happens in those sanitary sanctuaries, and yet we never talk about it. #taboopoo It’s fucking earthly in there. I think what happens in toilets is beautiful. It is the place one can be most vulnerable. It is a safe space, a private place in a public world.

Please enjoy these poems, prose pieces, essays, images, and artwork inspired by the toilet, our beloved porcelain deity.

In Toilet Love,

Sammy Ginsberg, Editor

Dear Reader, 

In a world that takes itself too seriously, the toilet can be the last refuge of the silly, and therefore of the profound. My grandfather had a joke about college degrees: BS, MS, PhD. He said they stood for: Bull Shit, More Shit, and Piled Higher and Deeper. In the face of Literature, we offer only potty jokes.

And this, well, this is a wad. But it’s also a flush, a sanitary napkin, a whispered prayer. In these pages you will find poets from across the world, California to England to India. They are united by what’s inside them – poetry!

…and other things.

Look how much we all share. Everything that departs. See us flush. And keep pushing.

Brian Sonia-Wallace, Editor

In Celebration of

World Toilet Day 2020

November 19, 2020

Dedicated to you, beloved toilet.

Without you, we might have been one of the children who died from diarrhoeal diseases before they were five.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Always and forever. 

Contents of our Toilet Bowl




TƏttee (poop in Hindi) by Deepti Gupta 

Toilet Quiz by Angelique Neumann

Toilet Paper Roles by Leon D. Schlossberg 

NONFIC Toilet Roll Art By Alice Bradshaw 


Homily by Susan Hitchcock

Into This Vessel by Ilana Gustafson

My Number Two Piece by Christian J. Perfas

Dreaming of Toilets by Virginia C. Li

NONFIC Happy Toilet Campaign by Virginia C. Li


Gamely Throne By Troubadour Trixter 

Relief Release By Troubador Trixter

Stink Less by Maureen Cox 

Sittin by Maureen Cox 

in the streets by Martin Hickel 

Diarrhea By Jaime Lynn Becker

Full Of Shit By Jaime Lynn Becker

Journey to the City of Loos By Isabel White 

His Majesty’s Greatest Menace By Matt Magee 

The Afternoon I’d Not Understand For a Decade by Jennifer Kelley 

Like pissing the world out by Vera Linder

NONFIC The First Rotary Club Project: Public Toilets by Sammy Ginsberg


Uncertainty On A Wad Of Angel Soft By Bryn Wickerd 

Toilets: The Substance Of Grace By Daniel Tiernan 

Plastic Bottle Douche By Adrian Rodriguez 

Spiritual Shit by Jen Cheng 

Toilet Ghost by Rochelle Roberts

NONFIC A global ‘toilet revolution’ is underway – but it’s polluting water and ignoring the urban poor by Deljana Iossifova, Purva Dewoolkar, and Youcao Ren


Shake off the Art by Jahcobie Cosom

Toilet Vignettes by Mario Incandenza

My Bathrooms by Anita McLaughlin

Not a pristine thing in sight by Radhaika Kaipur

NONFIC 5 Facts About Toilets That Will Help You Understand How Your Toilet is Saving Your Life by World Toilet Organization & Sammy Ginsberg


Thank you!

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