Thank You!

By Sammy Ginsberg

Thank you, thank poo!

We would like to thank our amazing contributors for taking us seriously when we said, “please send you your toilet poems!” It is amazing and surreal to see so many poems and so many contributors and so many pages: Clive Matson, Bryn Wickerd, Ilana Gustafson, Troubadour Trixter, Maureen Cox , Adrian Rodriguez, Christian J. Perfas, Martin Hickel, Jaime Lynn Becker

Jahcobie Cosom, Jen Cheng, Deepti Gupta, Angelique Neumann, Leon D. Schlossberg, Carol Criss, The Witty Feminist, Harriet Hill, Sarah McCaul, Hannah Rifkin, Alice Bradshaw, Rochelle Roberts, Daniel Tiernan, Radhaika Kaipur, Isabel White, Matt Magee, Mario Incandenza, Jennifer Kelley, Anita McLaughlin, Peggy Su, Cathy Wilkes, Terra Project Photographers, Florentina Pakosta, Turid Reppe, World Toilet Organization, Deljana Iossifova, Purva Dewoolkar, Youcao Ren, The Conversation, Vera Linder, Virginia C. Li, and Susan Hitchcock.

Sammy wants to say, “I want to thank Brian for taking this idea seriously and collaborating and developing and playing so much playing and our adventure and toilet poems and exciting and so much support and guidance, and I am so thankful! I also want to thank my brother Daniel- the first edition of The Feminist Toilet was the first project we EVER collaborated on, as least as far as I can remember. Thank you for building our toilet roll website and investing your time and energy. 

Thank you to Jo and Sarah (and Hannah, but she wasn’t on the bus – she was living there!) and that trip to Bristol’s Women’s Literature Festival and laughing the whole way back on that 5 hour bus making toilet literature puns and imagining the magazine that would be the Feminist Toilet! 

Thank you to everyone who came to my 25th Toilet themed birthday party and celebrated the night away and those who donated so we could build a toilet in Malawi! I have included the certificate in the back of this book. 

Thank you to my colleagues who laughed at me when I talked about this idea at work and my manager for providing me invaluable feedback that this could make people question my professionalism, and did I want this to be my reputation. Yes Manager, I do! 

Thank you to that boring Marketing Conference where I had to sit alone staring around for an hour and couldn’t go on my phone, or I never would have had the opportunity to put two words together that made me laugh and kept me entertained for that hour, and now, wayy more hours. Thank you to all the friends and family and poets and artists and dreamers who have laughed and encouraged this vision!” 

May we embrace the one who saves our lives on the daily, our beloved toilet.”

This piece is from The Feminist Toilet #1. To go back and read more, click here.

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