=== Spiritual Shits===

By Jen Cheng

When I make a serious spiritual shift
Like really let go of my old baggage, 
I have some serious spiritual shits.

The most recent one was when 
I had released a block to my voice
Four big shits in one hour.
Pooping last week’s meal but also
karma from several past lives.

When these spiritual shits happen
I really have no choice.
It’s like diarrhea
You just can’t hold it in.
There’s so much shit flying out
I don’t have time to think
“What is this really about?”

Running back and forth to the toilet, 
or simply stay and wait,
It’s gonna fly outta me anyway.

When spirit decides to release,
I’m just a vessel that’s being cleaned
Clearing out for the next journey.

The one that takes the cake
Was something 10 years ago 
It took a whole day,
14 times, or more, I lost count
I thought I couldn’t possibly
Have any more guts to wring out
And maybe my plumbing pipes
Might rebel and stop up.

Involuntary expulsion
Is what I call this poop compulsion.
The urge to purge
Is the spiritual surge 
To get to a higher vibration.

Such dramatic flushing of the guts
I not what I signed up for.
“Better out than in!”
Is what I say to myself as a pep talk
As I feel the wrenching and suffering.

All I can focus on is gratitude
Cuz I don’t wanna be 
Lugging this extra weight.
Letting go of these spiritual shits
really changes my attitude and lightens my mood.

This piece is from The Feminist Toilet #1. To go back and read more, click here.

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